Business bags, dresses more than thirty years,Because the concept of innovation So extraordinary achievements,can provide the required, available for your love. Quality, credit first,Main Sales Markets:Japan、Taiwan's Cram School、Kindergartens, public agencies, companies. Production: bags, handbags, children's wear, casual wear, T-shirt, POLO and Gifts.

1972 Founded in Chiayi County, Taiwan大眾皮包廠In bags, backpacks, handbags, bags and other mainly to domestic sales。The main target for kindergarten, cram schools, companies, government agencies and organizations...
1980 The establishment of computer design plate art departments
1985 The establishment of professional screen printing unit
1990 Established garment manufacturing sectorAnd officially became a garment bag ‧ integrate consistent production company
1997 Relocation to 嘉義市民生南路,And renamed”大將皮包股份有限公司”,At the same time forward the overall design concept Bags & uniform,Promotion of domestic and sale abroad。
2007 Founded customized brand「SPORTKING」
2011 Officially changed its name to「大將國際開發股份有限公司」
2011 Set up its own brand 「MASDAR」
Divided into 16 production lines in Factory,The only consistent production process of in Taiwan,Covering 1460 level groundTechnical staff 80,Always ready for you to create the most exquisite design, service!~welcome to visit in person guidance~

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